Superintendent Search Enters Next Phase

With a stakeholder report complete and the application deadline less than a week away, New London education officials are gearing up for interviews with candidates.

Patch File Photo
Patch File Photo

Armed with input from education officials, advocates and community members, the search for New London's new superintendent is entering the next phase.

The criteria for a new superintendent has been established, and input from the community was gathered during a series of stakeholder meetings and through an online form. 

On Monday, search committee members met with the district's consultant, Sharon Cox of McPherson & Jacobson LLC, to review the stakeholder input summary, develop interview questions, and discuss the logistics of the interview process. 

The full stakeholder input report is available online. We've embedded it with this article, too.

The deadline to apply for the superintendent job is March 17. After that date, the consultants will begin reviewing the completed files and evaluating the candidates against the established criteria and stakeholders’ interests. The consultants will be conducting extensive background checks on the candidates, the district said. All applications will remain confidential until the new hire is announced. 

The superintendent position is being advertised via The American Association of School Administrators, Education Week, the McPherson & Jacobson website, and an announcement has been sent to state school board and superintendent associations throughout the United States, according to the district.

On April 8, consultants will meet with the search committee to review applicants and facilitate the committee’s selection of final candidates to be interviewed. 

Superintendent Search Timeline

  • April 8: The search committee will select finalists to interview.
  • April 15-16: Finalist interviews
  • By May 1: The school board will select the new superintendent.
  • July 1: Projected start date of the new superintendent.

After the superintendent has been hired, Sharon Cox will facilitate a Board of Education/Superintendent workshop to assist in the establishment of first-year performance objectives for the new superintendent. 

Liza Smith March 13, 2014 at 05:26 AM
The report is definitely worth skimming through. Some very honest reflections on what is plaguing our school system are included. Teachers are afraid to speak up for kids for fear of retaliation. "Intimidated into silence" was a pretty eye opening statement. And they wonder why teachers leave? Combine that morale with constant pay freezes and non competitive salaries, seems obvious to me..
Daniella Ruiz March 14, 2014 at 01:12 PM
"2014-03-13 3:27:41 PM" "from reading the report from 'macnjake.com', it is apparent the city and school is 'drowning in diversity'. with so many people hanging tight to their 'color' (or what ever that entails), and their origin of maternal birth as a significant status in life, it is no surprise that the very common goals of the entire school system are deprived of their central concept in effort. ____________ If the comments by these involved, educators of any tenure status, are to be believed, they also indicate many are frought with what i would call, ""the administrative jargon-speak"", loads of management words, and less of the specifc,terms that would describe their own education's speciality, ie many seem to know better how to manage the school than the immediate admin or even the BOE. (lots of chiefs, yet few others) If that's an indicator of frustration, then it's also a barrier to limitations that clearly exist due nothing of their own doing. ___ It also looks like the rabble has stirred up the whole pot, to the boiling point and the people are 'steaming with confusion and frustration' !! _______ I wonder how that plays out on the children who interface with adults exhibiting such subconsious feelings as they attempt to convey the higher elements of rigid scholarly expectations.____ Professionalism aside, teachers are humans too.____ Most students can sense the confidence presented by teachers, their authentic interest in them and also the weakness's. ___ Control in a classroom is essential for teaching and focusing on the topic, rather than attending to the diverse needs of students competing for social direction. _____ Where will the 'graduating' students go? Certainly few employers near these parts have positions awaiting them, so they face further 'steps in life', just to gain even a meager income. ____ Don't expect them to rejoice, when society shows them no helping hands (or employment) and expects tax money from them as well." "E8C46154 "


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