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Dominion Grants $2,500 To Youth Anti-Violence Program

The Women's Center of Southeastern Connecticut has been awarded the grant, which will help fund the Violence is Preventable program at a New London middle school


The has announced on Facebook that has granted $2,500 to a youth anti-violence program at a New London middle school.

According to the post, the grant will support 's Violence is Preventable (VIP) program.

The VIP program covers the effects of bullying and predjudice, and advises students to be "up-standers" in the school community.

Debbie March 14, 2012 at 12:45 AM
Women's Center of Southeastern Connecticut has offered the VIP program for many years within New London county and will now focus its efforts directly to BDJMS students. This program will prepare middle school students for their all important life choices, descisions, and consequences too. Some students will come from homes where parents are violence towards each other or towards their children, and believe this is a normal behavior to be shared with classmates or anyone else. Students will learn that this type of behavior is not acceptable in any situation, including their own and while at home, school, or with friends or peers, classmates, social status, college education, military career, future spouse, place of employment, etc.


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