Fill The Spot: 471 Ocean Ave.

Falvey's auto dealership closed in the wake of auto industry cuts in 2009

Cars bearing the dealer insignia of Falvey's of New London are still a common sight in the region. But although plenty of the dealership's cars are still on the road, the dealership itself has been shuttered since 2009.

The lot at 471 Ocean Ave. retains the Falvey's sign, as well as one for the Peugeot brand, and spotlights continue to look down on the empty lot. Desks, chairs, and filing cabinets remain in the building's interior.

The dealership had been a family business since it was established on Ocean Ave. in 1931 by Clarence P. Falvey. It later expanded to 128 Huntington Ave., with AMC and Renault vehicles sold there and Peugeots sold on Ocean Ave. When the family first planned its expansion of the business to a Norwich location in 1984, it was reported that the original location on Ocean Ave. might close. Instead, the Huntington Street location was the first to close up when its sales and service divisions were folded into the Ocean Ave. dealership. The Huntington Street site now holds Dean's Auto Sales.

The New London location of Falvey's was a victim of recent troubles facing the auto industry. In 2009, Chrysler named the dealership as one of hundreds across the nation that would not see a renewed franchise with the company. Falvey's vowed to continue, retaining new car sales at the Norwich site and selling and servicing used cars in New London. However, later in the year owner Tim Falvey said he was planning to retire and the dealership would scale back its operations. It ultimately closed, although the Norwich location is still going.

The realty company Best Brokers of Waterford is offering the property as office, retail, or automotive space with 6,000 square feet that can be divided if need be.

Would you like to see a dealership return to the site that held one for nearly 80 years? Or do you think another business could do well here? Let us know in the comments.

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Danile Shafner February 23, 2013 at 08:23 PM
Is that how it closed? No laying the blame at Obama's feet? His policies directly caused this place to close. Go learn some history and do a better job at reporting and not repeating, that's what journalism is and this article is what journalism isn't, not if you're talking about real journalism where you report facts and not leave them out. Shameful.
Lisa Beth February 24, 2013 at 05:07 PM
I'd really like to see an old-fashioned neighborhood grocery store go in this spot. I still miss the days when FINAST was at the end of Ocean Ave.


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