Third District Voting Moves To Harbor School

Electricity and accessibility issues prompt decision to relocate polling place

The effects of Hurricane Sandy have prompted the city to relocate one of New London's three polling places for Tuesday's election.

Democratic Registrar of Voters Bill Giesing said Third District voters should cast their ballots at the Harbor School, which will remain the polling place for the Second District. The First District polling place at New London High School is unaffected.

The Third District has voted at the Nathan Hale School, but due to construction at that building the polling place has been Ocean Beach Park in recent votes. Giesing said the decision to move the polling place out of the district was made due to continued power and travel disruptions from downed trees and wires in southern New London.

"You can't even get near it, and I know we can't get power down there," said Giesing.

Giesing said the Harbor School will be able to handle the additional district, as it was formerly the polling place for two districts when New London had seven voting districts. He said divisions will be put in place to keep district voters separate since there are separate ballots for the districts due to different state representative races.

City Clerk Nathan Caron will put out an election notice to update voters on the change. Giesing said the update will also be included on the city website and that he will try to have the notification broadcast via radio.

The storm has also led Gov. Dannel Malloy to extended the voter registration period, which was set to close on Tuesday, to Thursday. Voters may register in person at City Hall through 8 p.m. on that day.

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