Special Meeting Tonight To Make Decision On 2013 Budget

New London City Council convening at 7 p.m. for vote on whether to override Mayor Daryl Finizio's veto of municipal budget

The City Council will hold a tonight to take a vote on whether to override of their .

The council will meet at 7 p.m. at . The agenda for the council's Monday meeting included items on whether to override the veto and set the tax rate for the 2013 fiscal year, along with an item on anticipated budget transfers. However, councilors voted 6-1 to table the items until the special meeting, which had already been set.

The council approved a $42,466,252 municipal budget and $40,626,405 budget for the on May 29. Finizio said he felt the school budget was inadequate, but sent it to the city clerk's office to become law. He vetoed the municipal budget on Wednesday, saying it overestimates revenues, removes funding for crucial positions, and made budget transfers to increase the fire and police budgets when the administration was working to avoid in those departments through union negotiations. Along with his veto, Finizio announced that tentative agreements have been reached with those unions.

The budget passed 5-2 on its , 4-3 on its , and 6-1 on its final reading. Six of the seven councilors must vote to sustain the budget in order to override the veto.

The transfer resolution suggested by the administration would restore money for several positions whose funding was cut in the council's final budget, although some salary reductions would remain in place.

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