Mayoral Administrator To Assume New London ODP Director Duties

Mayor Daryl Finizio announces administrator Tammy Daugherty will take on responsibilities of Kristin Havrila Clarke after Clarke takes new job next month

The administrator in Mayor Daryl Finizio's office will assume a dual role as director of the Office of Development and Planning after the current director steps down at the end of the month, Finizio announced this afternoon.

Finizio said Kristin Havrilla Clarke, whom Finizio appointed as ODP director when he took office, is leaving the job on April 1 to accept an economic development position with the Town of Groton.

"I want to thank Director Clarke for her service to New London and wish her, and her family, all the best in the future," Finizio said.

Finizio said he is appointing Tammy Daugherty, an administrator in the mayor's office, to take on the roles of both the ODP director and administrator upon Clarke's departure. Daugherty currently receives a $52,000 salary with benefits, while Clarke was paid a $90,000 salary with benefits. Finizio said Daugherty will receive a $72,000 salary under the new arrangement, but estimated that it will result in a savings to the city of of $75,000 due to the overall reduction in salaries and a payment of benefits for one person rather than two.

Finzio said Daugherty has developed working relationships with developers and city councilors in her current role.

"In discussions with developers and Council members preceding this decision, broad support was expressed for Ms. Daugherty filling this position at a time when so many development projects are in the works in the city," he said. "Many developers were pleased that Ms. Daugherty would provide continuity in city-developer relations at this critical time when we approach ground breaking at Fort Trumbull, work to establish the United States Coast Guard Museum in New London, and work on numerous other development and regionalization projects."

Daugherty has served as the mayor's office liaison to the Renaissance City Development Association, City Center District, New London Main Street, the Planning and Zoning Commission, OpSail 2012, the New London Port Authority, and the Economic Development Commission. She has also been involved in regionalization efforts for dispatch services, emergency communications, and animal control.

"Having worked closely with Ms. Daugherty I can say she enjoys my full confidence to take on this new role." Finizio said. "New London is lucky to have such a dedicated public servant willing to take on these added responsibilities as we consolidate positions to save money and continue our development efforts."

Daugherty said, "I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve the city I love and to continue to work with the dedicated professionals who tirelessly promote and work to improve our community."

Clarke, who formerly served as the assistant director of Planning and Development in Ledyard, is also a former consultant for New London Main Street and archivist for New London Landmarks.

"At this time in my career, I had to do what was in the best interests of my family and my long term career goals," Clarke said "I want to thank the knowledgeable and wonderful staff in the Office of Development and Planning that I have enjoyed working with. I believe in New London's great development potential and wish the administration all the best in its work to see it realized."

Finizio's appointment of Clarke and Daugherty caused some controversy, since funding for the ODP director and some other administrative positions named by Finizio had been proposed but not approved for the 2012 fiscal year. The City Council later approved the funding for Clarke and Daugherty's positions as well as a deputy fire chief, but the salary for the ODP director and Daughterty were some of the ones that were cut in the Council's initial approved budget for the 2013 fiscal year. Finizio vetoed this budget, in part because he said it eliminated crucial administrative positions such as the ODP director.

Finizio named Daugherty as his office administrator and principal secretary during his cabinet appointments. He announced that Daugherty had been laid off following the rejection of the first post-veto budget at referendum, but later said Daugherty remained on staff since her position was being funded through the fiscal year with funds from the Finance Department, according to The Day.

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Spencer March 14, 2013 at 12:35 PM
A round of applause for you Sue, because I wholeheartedly agree!! Especially when you consider the fact that Tammy will be in charge of people who have been making big time decisions about this town since before Daryl or Tammy were even born!!! It is not like there is an emergency need to replace Kristen TODAY and this instant. We got the news of this story on Tuesday of this week, but in reality how long was it actually talked about at the administrative level? Kristen is not leaving until March 31st--so at this point it is still almost 3 weeks of a noticfication. And if this has been discussed last week--that is a whole month of a noticfication. Most emplyers ask for a 2 weeks notice--and here we have a possible 30 days notice? Surely there would be plenty of time to do the "Put your resume in", or an inner office memo? I can't even begin to think what went through the mind of somebody who been through college, and paid thier dues to the city--when he/she read the memo--"Get ready to work with your new boss 'Tammy Daughert'!!! I know my chin is still hurting from having my jaw drop to the table when I first saw the news--and I don't even work at the office!!!
Spencer March 14, 2013 at 12:38 PM
Combine this with the fact that there are kids out there who just graduated from college this past June, who have been earnestly looking for work in thier field--but have been waiting on tables instead because they can not find a job--who would give thier right arms for an experience like this at even an entry level position!
Kathleen Mitchell March 14, 2013 at 12:38 PM
Living in the Land of the Looney Kathleen Mitchell Mar 13, 2013 "In New London and under this administration, it does, indeed, pay, and in cold hard cash, to know the right people." Read Full Post
Matthew Macunus Jr. March 14, 2013 at 12:50 PM
Damn had I only supported the little prince I could have been the Director of ODP.
Dennis Downing March 17, 2013 at 01:20 PM
William, are you saying that Hyslop and Nolan did not support this move and if so how do you know this.


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