In Final Week Before Little Gull Decision, New London Maritime Society Looking For Support

Non-profit collaboration seeks letters of support for the General Services Administration

With one week left before the General Services Administration makes its decision on the new owner of Little Gull Island, the New London Maritime Society is pushing for a final wave of public support for their bid on the property.

The society - along with Save the Sound, Connecticut Fund for the Environment, and Quebec-Labrador Foundation, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and private donors - made a $150,000 bid for the one-acre island on Oct. 9. The offer was quickly outpaced by other bidders, with a bidding on Oct. 17. The GSA is currently reviewing the bids and will keep personal information on bidders confidential under the property is deeded.

The New London Maritime Society has said the GSA is considering not only the bids but the ability of bidders to preserve the island. In addition to a historic 1869 lighthouse, the island is a “critical foraging area for roseate and least terns,” both of which are on the federal endangered species list. The proposal of the society and its partners would have the society take stewardship of the lighthouse while the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service would manage the wildlife habitat.

The society is asking anyone interested in seeing this proposal go forward to contact Gabrielle Sigel at gabrielle.sigel@gsa.gov before Monday.

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