GOCTDMV: Connecticut License Plates Will Contain 7 Characters Next Year

A $26 million DMV computer upgrade will open up a multitude of new 'vanity plate' combinations.

In Connecticut, UCANDO7 starting next year– seven characters, that is, on a license plate.

The state has approved a $26 million upgrade to the Department of Motor Vehicles’ computer system, which will allow for seven characters on license plates starting early next year, according to the Hartford Courant.

The move will open up many more combinations for so-called “vanity” plates, special license plates car owners request that can contain abbreviated slogans, knicknames or statements of belief.

It will also create greater revenues for the DMV, a spokesman told the Courant, because more people will be able to buy the more costly vanity plates. Currently, the DMV charges as much as $148 for vanity plates. That fee is on top of the regular costs of registering a vehicle.

The change will also open up untold new combinations of attempts at license plate lewdness, DMV spokesman William Seymour told the Courant. The agency currently maintains a list of more than 900 rejected vanity plate requests because they are considered “offensive to a reasonable person.”

Daniella Ruiz December 10, 2012 at 03:29 AM
holy cow, it cost them $26,000,000.00 (Twenty SIX MILLION) bucks to add a single character to the data field on their snazzy new, off the shelf, tweaked, proprietary priced software? and we wonder why they people can't create a simple state budget that accomodates deficit and gain? did they contract out to the prisons for new snazzy stamping machinery as well? or have they figured a way to overnight ship the pretty plates from some bargain slave shop in china? are they still using RPG, COBOL or some other ancient software from the 1960's on a DEC mainframe? and there must have been some LEGACY personell upgrades that needed some salary boost to keep them from jumping ship and really letting hell break loose, of course, paid for by you know whoo, the swell old taxpayer.


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