Finizio Begins Budget Forums On Thursday

Mayor announces series of hearings on 2013 budget, which will be decided at referendum vote on Sept. 18

Mayor Daryl Finizio has scheduled the first of several planned public forums on the proposed 2013 fiscal year budget, which will be challenged at a referendum vote next month.

The will take place at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday at the . Zak Leavy, Finizio's executive assistant, said the office is confirming dates and hopes to have a full schedule of forums available by Thursday. The event listing on this site will be updated with this information.

On June 19, the City Council approved a for the 2013 fiscal year and increased the mill rate 7.5 percent from 25.31 to 27.22. A petition effort successfully challenged these decisions, and both will go to a . Leavy previously said that 13 forums will be scheduled prior to the referendum.

Finizio said in a July post on his office's Facebook page that each department head has been asked to reduce their budget by an additional five percent to determine the effect of further cuts. He said these findings will be presented at the forums and that he believes additional cuts will have a "massive negative effect on services."

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Jeff Brown August 23, 2012 at 06:21 PM
This seems to me like a way for the public to voice their concerns and opinions in a positive and impactful way , and yet people still have to find a reason to complain or make it into something it's not. If you don't like the job he's doing that's fine. But i definitely see a trend from some people on here who just have a personal agenda to try to cause controversy and negativity surrounding anything at all that happens in this city. I really suspect that some of these people are either the losing candidates or friends and family of thiers who won't rest or be happy until they see it collapse in utter failure just to assuage thier own egos, it's really sad for the city of new london because no one wins . Rick Lushay is definitely one of these people i believe.
Jeff Brown August 23, 2012 at 06:25 PM
Furthermore i make these assumptions based on two things because these people never have anything constructive or an actual gripe they just sling mud and insults with a sky is falling approach to everything . Also because i'm adept at recognizing certain key words and phrases that i see in different posts from a few names. I understand why one wouldnt want to put there name on something once they've been called a loony by half of the patch just undertand that some of us arent fooled.
Rick Lushay August 23, 2012 at 06:41 PM
Sir Brown, I see your point. Look at it from the other side. Supporters of Daryl spin all that he does no matter how bad or wrong as a great decision and blame the wrong as he was given bad advise, the finance director said the money was there, the law director said that the council does not have to approve it. The excuses go on and on. Look at the situation from the shoes of the other side. I also see the same or similar key words and phrases in the postings from supporters. Never thought they were the same person, just thought their views were the same and that there are many common ways to express the same point of view. The number of actual supporters of Daryl may be far fewer with that in mind.
Rick Lushay August 23, 2012 at 06:43 PM
Jeff Brown, are you really Daryl, or maybe Alan Green Jr. or even ZAK?
Jeff Brown August 23, 2012 at 07:50 PM
Well one reason i can be none of the aforementioned people is that i've been on here commenting since before the election, also i've stated that i voted for Buscetto , although i'm honestly glad now that he didn't win. Add that to the fact that i've commented both for and against some of the things this administrations done it should be pretty clear. My point was that you hurl alot of baseless accusations and petty name calling and bring very little substance to your rants. If you think he's the worst mayor of all time because of his politics i could care less. But when i see how personal and vindictive some of your comments are it just seems awfully transparent to me. If i'm wrong i apologize. (but i'm pretty sure i'm right)


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