Emergency Funding For Fire Department Vehicles Rejected

City Council disputes request to take money from general fund to fix three New London Fire Department vehicles, says money is available in maintenance budget

The City Council rejected a request by Fire Chief Ron Samul and Mayor Daryl Finizio for emergency funds to repair three fire department vehicles after councilors questioned the requested source of the money.

Tuesday's council vote to approve the ordinance for emergency funds failed 3-4. The item, added to the agenda prior to the start of the meeting, requested that $75,000 be transferred from the fund balance to a mechanical maintenance line item of the Department of Public Works budget.

Samul said two fire engines and one ladder truck are currently out of service. He said a 1992 ladder truck has been leaking oil, while a 2001 engine has a water leak contaminating both its fuel tank and onboard generator. Samul said the newest vehicle, a 2011 engine, suffered a shattered water pump while responding to a call on Tuesday morning.

The loss of the vehicles has a significant effect on the New London Fire Department’s vehicle pool. At full strength, New London has one fire engine and one ambulance at each of its three stations as well as ladder trucks at the North Station and South Station.

“I agree that the work needs to be done, and it needs to be done quickly,” said Council President Michael Passero.

However, Passero said he disagreed with the request to take money from the general fund given concerns over a projected deficit in the 2012 fiscal year budget and the amount of money that may be taken from the general fund as a result. Passero also said there is enough money in the mechanical maintenance line item to fund the repairs, saying about $212,000 remains of the approximately $780,000 budgeted.

Councilor Adam Sprecace said the state of the 2012 budget remains uncertain, and that the funding in the Public Works budget will ensure that the repairs are made. He said a decision on whether funds need to be taken from the general fund as a result of the unanticipated repairs should be made at a future date.

“I refuse to be accused of not favoring public safety as a result of this ‘no’ vote,” said Sprecace.

Passero criticized Finizio, saying he was irked that the mayor brought the matter before the council with little time to review the matter.

“I’m not happy being played like this,” said Passero. “I think this is a cynical ploy to get us to increase the budget ordinance that was passed last year, and I can’t be a part of it.”

Samul said the repairs have been delayed prior to the latest breakdown as the department analyzes its budget. He said the late notice to the council was due to the second engine trouble occurring earlier on the same day as the meeting. Jane Glover, Finizio’s chief administrative officer, said the administration sought to bring the issue to the council’s attention as well as the concern that the maintenance line item would exceed its budget due to the unplanned expenditure.

“The administration did not want to run a deficit…This is clearly an emergency from the city’s point of view,” said Glover.

Timothy Hanser, director of Public Works, said on Wednesday that he disputed the assertion that there is adequate money for the repairs in the maintenance line item, which is used for repairs and upkeep of all city vehicles. He said information provided to the councilors shows that about $56,000 remains in the fund for the remainder of the year and that the department did not want to run a deficit there.

"Those three [trucks] alone would put us into the red without any other repairs for the rest of the year," said Hanser.

Hanser said he will speak with Finizio and Samul on how the repairs can be funded.

Councilor Anthony Nolan questioned whether other fire department spending could be put on hold in order to fund the repairs. Samul replied that there are not sufficient funds remaining in the budget amid several mandatory expenditures such as ladder testing.

Councilor John Maynard said he thought the repairs should be funded from the line item if the funding is available, but was concerned with the effect on public safety if the ordinance was rejected with no contingency in place. Passero said that since the ordinance is directed by the mayor’s office, the council could not amend it and could only add non-binding language urging the use of line item funds rather than money from the general fund.

Passero, Sprecace, and Councilors Marie Friess-McSparran and Donald Macrino opposed the ordinance. Councilors Maynard and Nolan, along with Council President Pro Tempore Wade Hyslop, were in favor.

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Dirk Langeveld February 22, 2012 at 01:48 PM
Just updated the article with some information from Tim Hanser, who called me this morning to dispute the figure given by councilors on the maintenance fund.
Alphonse DeLachance February 22, 2012 at 05:50 PM
But Dirk, Did the green man tell you where the money went because as of 1/27/12 there was $200K more in that line item. Did he get something nice for himself and the mayor. Fact is that Finizio and his staff and appointees cannot be trusted at all. $200K has disapeared in less than 1 month. Someone needs to be held accountable.
Alphonse DeLachance February 22, 2012 at 05:51 PM
Dirk call Hanser and ask him the hard questions, you are not a Day reporter, you are a patch editor. FOI the records!
Stephanie James February 22, 2012 at 07:04 PM
Is Passero able to vote on the fire truck since he works for the fire department? I just want a little clarification on that.
--Robert February 23, 2012 at 03:36 AM
I honestly don't care which pot of money it comes from. The trucks need to be repaired! The new truck, I would expect would have some kind of warranty that may at least pay a partial cost for the repair. The older trucks sound like they have serious issues that may take a long time and significant money to fix- but my god, what kind of repair requires $75K? I do work on some heavy equipment and very serious repairs we send out to specialty shops, but even so that kind of money, that's our budget for the year! What are we having done, relining the gold leaf in the engine compartment?


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