New London Police Say Suspect Reported Phony Burglary to Collect On Insurance

Omar Hill was charged with insurance fraud and with falsely reporting an incident after he filed an insurance claim for more than $7,800 for goods he claimed were stolen in a burglary.

As if New London Police don't have enough to do responding to reports of actual burglaries, yesterday they arrested Omar Hill for filing a false burglary report.

Police say that on July 3, 2013, they responded to a report of a burglary at 537 Bank Street, Apartment 2 in New London. Hill, who made the 911 call, and his roommate told police they were victims of a burglary and that electronic items worth more than $5,000 had been stolen from their apartment.

During their investigation into the alleged burglary, New London Police learned that Hill had filed an insurance claim for more than $7,800. During an interview with detectives, police say, Hill confessed to staging the burglary, forging fake bill of sale documents, and filing a fraudulent insurance claim. 

Hill, who turned himself in to New London Police yesterday, October 25, was charged with insurance fraud and with falsely reporting an incident. New London Police say they expect to make additional arrests in this case. 
Spencer October 26, 2013 at 12:39 PM
As thin as our police force is right now--this type of behavior should be considered appalling!


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