City Fires New London Police Officer Over "Leaks"

An investigation into leaks to the media about an alleged sexual assault this summer resulted in the termination of New London Police Officer David McElroy yesterday.

New London Police Department
New London Police Department

A Press Release From The Mayor's Office in New London

On Friday, December 6, New London Police Officer David McElroy was terminated from employment by Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio upon the recommendation of Police Chief Margaret Ackley.

Officer McElroy was found to have violated department policies by releasing an internal police document to the media without the permission of the Police Department. It was also found that McElroy was untruthful in a memorandum to the Police Department and during an interview regarding his release of this information. The Police Department performed an exhaustive and professional investigation into the release of the document, including the retaining of one of the foremost forensic document examiners in the State of Connecticut to review the evidence

After the premature and unauthorized release of information about an alleged sexual assault, which needlessly caused fear in the public, an internal investigation was conducted to determine the source of the “leak.” Each member of the department was asked a series of questions, to which they needed to provide sworn and subscribed to responses. Not one member admitted releasing the internal email to the news media, or having any knowledge of the release. It became evident at that point, there was a person within the agency who not only made a mistake in using good judgment, but worse yet, was willing to swear and subscribe to false statements.

Given that at least one person who had been involved in the release of the information had written on the document sent to the news anchor, the department was able to have a forensic handwriting analysis performed by an independent professional. The examiner was provided with many handwriting samples, authored by many different department members.  The highly-qualified and well-respected examiner, who had no knowledge of each sample’s author, found that those written by McElroy were the same as the writing on the document received by the media.

After this evidence was known, McElroy was provided with another opportunity to admit to his involvement and asked whether or not he was the one who had written the words on the document sent to the media. Under oath, he denied it was his writing. He was provided with the scientific evidence, with legal representation present, allowed to examine the evidence, and then asked again. He repeated his denial.

McElroy’s termination is the result of his demonstration of his lack of integrity. He swore and subscribed to a document which he knew contained false information. He then lied twice under oath.  The New London Police Department has zero tolerance for this conduct. Moreover, his credibility as a law enforcement officer is forever ruined. As such, his services are no longer be of use to the Department.

The City is very proud of the high caliber of officers in the New London Police Department. This behavior is not indicative of members of this department. Because dishonesty and a lack of integrity harm the overall agency, the other officers, and citizens, it cannot and will not be tolerated. We stand very strongly in our beliefs regarding the importance of truthfulness.

In an effort to politicize and cloud this issue, the police union has stated that McElroy was “targeted” because of his involvement as a union officer. This simply is not the case and calls into question the motives of those making these statements, especially since they are all aware of the independent scientific evidence. The New London Police Department has an obligation to protect the citizens living in and visiting the city, including protecting them from dishonest officers. 

“This is a sad day for the New London Police Department because, while the City must hold Officer McElroy responsible for his conduct, this incident clouds the fact that the vast and overwhelming majority of our police officers do an honorable job serving our community and upholding the privilege of being called a New London Police officer,” said Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio.

Spencer December 07, 2013 at 08:50 AM
Have the lady who allegedly filed a 'false police report' of the rape--ever been arrested? If not, why was this officer fired--if the incident never happen?
Daniella Ruiz December 07, 2013 at 11:22 AM
and good riddance to such types! after the last 'exposure' of a crooked cop that planted some drug evidence to ensure somebody was 'apprehended', it is evident that the department is indeed ferreting out the few bad apples. well, at least it shows they know how to do internal investigations and bust through that nasty 'blue line' of common criminals who desire to act like peace officers. (and get paid for it). what was 'in it' for this cop to do this? was it personal or was he seeking some means to upset the departments authority structure for some other nefarious reasons? as i ask these few questions, i wonder how many reservations surface in peoples minds, and how much the level of trust has been eroded by these few questions alone. this is perhaps a core problem that faces any security force, peace force or trust structure, who do you trust? the public must have trust in those that claim to protect them, else it become a mere game of cat and mouse, shadows and fog and leads to other corruptions, some worse, some least. we have a community struggling through nursing care issues at L&M, operator job loss at major ATT service provider and now we have cops breaching the most basic rules of trust, by acting alone and abusing the basic privacy laws of those people he was obligated to protect. we don't need any more trouble, we need to build a strong, honest community. (as for the (ahem) 'lady' that's an entirely different issue to deal with separately, lets not fog the situation needlessly!!) if the union seeks to protect officers that lie under oath, perhaps we could do better without this so called 'union' entirely.
Kenneth R. Lewis December 08, 2013 at 09:16 AM
Each and every police officer that the mayor did in has been cleared of any wrongdoing. What other CEO has such a terrible record of bad terminations, bad contract deals and overall bad decisions. The mayor with all his antics has driven the property values down in the 25%-37% range and is destroying the community. Business owners are closing their doors because of the damage done by this administration in just 2 years. Over 50 vacant business locations on Bank and State streets. Many of these recent the numbers may be closer to 100. The mayor got rid of the former NLMS director in favor of one of his blind supporters and the city is crumbling. This latest personnel decision will result in yet another lawsuit without a settlement and a huge payout from the taxpayers. But what does the mayor care the "NIGHTMARE" council has been seated and they will approve any tax hike that the mayor puts in front of them.
Kenneth R. Lewis December 08, 2013 at 09:36 AM
When will the mayor be sent packing for his dishonesty?
Stacey R. Costello December 09, 2013 at 06:46 AM
The mayor and his administration can do no wrong in his kingdom.


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