Affidavit: Witness Identified Holmes As Shooter In Montauk Ave. Murder

Probation officer's report releases some details in November homicide

The girlfriend of the victim in a November homicide told police she recognized her ex-boyfriend as the shooter, according to an affidavit at the .

Although the police affidavit in the case of 20-year-old Evan Holmes remains sealed until at least January, some details of the murder were included in an affidavit by probation officer Terry Granatek. Holmes was on probation after his release from prison on charges related to a 2010 shooting, and Granatek charges that he violated his probation by killing 25-year-old Jorge Rosa early in the morning of Nov. 12.

According to the report, the police responded to 252 Montauk Ave. at about 4:17 a.m. after Rosa’s girlfriend called to say he had been shot at his third-floor apartment. Rosa was pronounced dead at the scene about 20 minutes later.

The woman told police that she fell asleep in the same room as Rosa at about 3:30 a.m. She said she woke up to see Holmes and another man, whom she identified as 18-year-old Davion Smith, in the room with handguns. She said Holmes yelled at Rosa and demanded to know who he was.

The woman said Holmes woke up and “did not say anything, but he had a shocked look on his face.” She said Holmes then fired two or three shots at Rosa before he and Smith fled the apartment.

Paramedics from found that Rosa had been shot multiple times in the chest, torso, and genitals. They used cardiopulmonary resuscitation but were unsuccessful in reviving Rosa.

The woman told police that she had been dating Holmes for about four years before he went to prison in April of 2010, and that they broke up shortly afterward. She said she had seen him the weekend before the shooting in Providence, R.I., but did not speak to him there. The woman said Smith also visited the apartment on Nov. 2, the day before Rosa was released from prison, and told Rosa, the woman, and some of their friends that Holmes was being freed.

The woman identified Holmes and Smith from a photo lineup. Holmes was arrested at the Days Inn in Old Saybrook. Granatek’s report said Holmes tried to run from police but was quickly apprehended.

Holmes is charged with murder, home invasion, and first-degree burglary. Smith, who is charged on the same counts, remains at large.

Holmes was on probation following an April 2010 incident in which he shot then 17-year-old Idris Elahi—now one of six defendants in the October 2010 murder of Matthew Chew—in the foot. Holmes was sentenced in March to serve five years in prison, suspended after 18 months, and two years of probation.

During probation, Holmes was to have no contact with Elahi; take counseling as deemed appropriate, including anger management and mental health counseling; obtain his high school diploma or GED; and be employed, in school, or a combination of both.

Gordon December 16, 2011 at 11:25 PM
How about last night's shots in the same neighborhood. Gun shots that rang out last night as a result of an argument over a small "infraction sized portion" of marajuana. Last night on the corner of Montauk and Perry street, gun shots woke the neighborhood. When the police arrived a gun was recovered with a small amount of "drugs" were recovered. A job well done by the hard working members of the New London PD. I wish that is where the story ends. Unfortunately, because of the ridiculous decision of Mayor Finizio to try to override the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution and attempt to decriminalize the use of marijuna on private property in New London, the information regarding this incident was not reported to the media or public. The way it works is the media outlets ask for information from the PD and it is held until the chief and mayor instruct the assistant chief to respond. Sadly, we only get part of the story and are still not told after a 18 hour delay that the shooting was over a small amount of marijuana. This is very much an attempt to suppress information so as not to further discredit, disgrace and embarrass an already horrible start as mayor. Thank god Mayor Daryl is watching over us and knows that Marijuna safe and does not add to crime. My kids are now measurably less safe knowing the Mayor supports marijuana use and therefore the drug dealers and crime that comes with it. I wonder who the shooter's customers are.
Christine Rene-Howard December 17, 2011 at 06:32 AM
Marijuana is not bad but there are some idiots that do smoke it. That's like saying guns are bad. Guns with idiots behind them are bad...guns possessed by responsible folk are not.


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