Fill The Spot: 147 Bank Street

What should go into this former furniture store?

You can usually get a look at New London history by glancing at the ground. Usually it's because of the plaques that give information about what used to be at an address, but there are other hints as well. Take a look at the entrance to 147 Bank Street and you can still see the "Kaplan's" marking the furniture store that used to be there.

I couldn't find too much information about this business aside from some advertisements. One 1948 newspaper ad apologized for shutting people out of a disposal sale, saying enormous crowds had visited the store looking for a deal and promising that the sale would be ongoing until they had gotten rid of the stock. The store expanded to include 172 Bank Street in 1957, announcing that it was "proud to be part of this newer, greater, downtown New London; proud to be in the forefront of downtown New London progress!" The store was named for owner Benjamin Kaplan.

The store is now in disrepair, with damage visible to the walls and ceiling. A piece of plywood with "No Trespassing" painted on it covers up part of the entrance. According to city records, the building is owned by Modern Electric and has 3,994 square feet.

What would you like to see in this space?

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