Help a Local Family Move Closer to Loved Ones

Amanda Okeson needs your help and is raising funds through GoFundMe.

Amanda Okeson and her family would like to move closer to loved ones, so she is raising money via the GoFundMe Web site.

According to the page on GoFundMe, little Franklin says Connecticut has been nice but is definitely too cold. He wants to be where the sun comes out and where he can put his toes in some pretty white sand at the beach.

The page states, "You can help make his wish come true by donating below. We all want the best for our children; and Brooks and I want to be able to raise our son near some of his family. We thought this might be a different way to get everyone involved, that way anyone who wanted to help in the celebration could feel included too. Every little bit helps and is beyond greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your love and support!"

So far, $420 has been raised. To donate to the cause, visit the GoFundMe page.

Note: The gofundme.com site listed above is not endorsed by Patch.


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