Recovery Room Wins "Best Pizza" Poll

Ocean Ave. restaurant captures 31 percent of vote in reader poll to determine best pizza in New London and Waterford

When we teamed up with the Waterford Patch to ask , there was quite a bit of discussion. Some people were torn between a couple of favorites, or said it varied depending on what they were looking for. Others zeroed in on a pick without hesitation. By the querulous comments some of you left, I suspect there are a few residents who just make a trip to New Haven whenever they crave a slice.

But after a and 345 votes cast, we can announce that the winner of the informal "food fight" contest is , located here in New London on Ocean Ave. This venue came away with 107 votes, or 31 percent of the total.

The Recovery Room was in vote-for-vote battle for some time with Supreme Pizza, the only Waterford contender and the second place finisher with 92 votes (26 percent). , which had a lot of buzz in the comments and earned the second most nominations prior to the poll, was starting to gain on the top two but finished third with 66 votes (19 percent). had the most nominations but came in fourth against its competitors, earning 42 votes (12 percent). Finally, had 38 votes (11 percent).

Waterford Patch editor Paul Petrone cast his vote for Recovery Room and told me the pizzas are small enough to be devoured by one person. That might be true if you're really hungry, but it's more likely that you can take home some leftovers if you're going solo. I paid a visit on Saturday to let them know they won and asked which pizza they recommended. The dinner menu has plenty of options to choose from, and I was leaning toward the Thai chicken option; the waitress agreed that this one is popular, and that the tomato basil and Ed's BBQ chicken options also do very well. The restaurant is a pretty bustling place around dinnertime, but people routinely stopped in to pick up takeout orders as well.

Congratulations to the The Recovery Room, and thanks to everyone who participated!

Ethan McCutcheon January 16, 2012 at 03:38 PM
What about Captain's, New London Pizza, Illiano's etc.. ? Why were only these five selected? New London Pizza makes the best onion/bacon ever!!
Elissa Bass January 16, 2012 at 05:11 PM
Hi Ethan, the two sites originally ran an article asking for reader nominations, and from those nominations (dozens and dozens of comments, the link to the article is in this article above), the top five were chosen for voting.
Sam, Curcuro January 16, 2012 at 08:09 PM
I suppose this means we can expect a price hike on the already not too cheap pizza! Plus, someone will blame it on BO.
Ethan McCutcheon January 16, 2012 at 08:18 PM
Ahh.. thanks Elissa. All so delicious indeed! Fun to hear the comments. Im hungry :)


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