Year-End Sales Flood City Hall

New London property transactions, Dec. 19 to Jan. 2: 184 Pequot Ave., 33 Belden Street, 41 Belden Street, 82 West Coit Street, 17 Williams Street, 46 Mountain Ave., 302 Montauk Ave., 34 Glenwood Ave., 1 Griswold Court, 573 Bank Street, 107-115 State Str

The following property transactions were noted at City Hall. The date represents when the sale was recorded, which is often later than the date of the actual sale. Quit claim deeds and other transactions where no money is involved are not listed here.

Dec. 19

Eric R. Savery, of P.O. Box 200 in North Falmouth, Mass., grants 184 Pequot Ave. Unit 30 to Saihuan Zeng, of 11 Thomas Waite Drive in Old Lyme, for $57,000.

Dec. 21

Deutsche Bank, of 3815 South West Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah, grants 33 Belden Street, to H.O.P.E. Inc., of 187 Williams Street, for $34,000.

MYRT LLC, of 15 Lewiston Court in Groton, grants 41 Belden Street to H.O.P.E. Inc., of 187 Williams Street, for $73,000.

Gary S. Levine, of 108 Washington Street in Norwich, grants 82 West Coit Street to LVG Holding #1255 LLC, of 350 Sunrise Highway #111 in Great River, N.Y., for $58,000.

Dec. 27

Frank Duncanson, of 1311 Orchard Circle in Bell Point, N.Y., grants 17 Williams Street to Swarnjit Singh Bhatia, of 168 West Town Street in Norwich, for $60,000.

Dec. 28

McLaughlin Companies LLC, of 239 Williams Street, grants 46 Mountain Ave. to LJL Holding Corporation, of 3500 Sunrise Highway #111 in Great River, N.Y., for $125,000.

Charter Oak Federal Credit Union, of 32 Chicago Ave. in Groton, grants 302 Montauk Ave. to Adam’s Land Trust, of 23 Laurel Ave. in Oakdale, for $115,000.

Rui Meng, courtesy of Cartus of 40 Apple Ridge Road in Danbury, grants 34 Glenwood Ave. to Loretta and Dennis P. Gallagher, for $235,500.

Dec. 31

George White, of 28 Williams Street, grants 1 Griswold Court to Kenneth Higgins, no address listed, for $84,500.

Midin Properties LLC, of P.O. Box 2218 in Darien, grants 573 Bank Street to Red Brick Village LLC, of 1231 East Main Street, for $650,000.

Claus F. Wolter, of P.O. Box 373 in Calais, Me., grants 107-115 State Street to NSS Realty, of P.O. Box 26, for $280,000.

Evelyn G. Spinnato, of 17 Twin Lakes Drive in Waterford, grants 24 West Pleasant Street to Victor Ebersole Jr., of 64 Scotch Cap Road in Quaker Hill, for $65,000.


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