It's Not Really Westborough

It just plays Westborough on TV.


When the television ad depicting a residential garage of customer “Tim” in "Westborough, MA" was played during the Super Bowl, emails started popping into Westborough Patch. The big question on everyone’s mind, “Was that really Westborough?”

We called DCU Public Relations Manager John LaHair to find out. “It is not the case. It’s not an actual house in Westborough," he said. "We filmed ten spots over two days during the winter, so it was most cost effective to shoot in California."

LaHair said that California is the third most active marketplace for DCU, following Massachusetts and New Hampshire respectively.

"The comment I've been getting a lot today is, 'I can't believe you had an ad run during the Super Bowl,'" he said. "The ad ran only in the New England marketplace. We got a good deal for a good game. I just wish there was a better outcome."

LaHair said he was impressed by Westborough Patch readers. "You have eagle eyes to know that wasn't Westborough," he laughed.


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Nancy Wright February 06, 2012 at 11:44 PM
I'd put this in the category of false and misleading advertising.


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