Postcards From New London's Past

Rare postcard of the 1916 visit by the Deutschland among those featured

Old postcards can often provide an interesting window into a region's history. Though small in area, New London is rich in historical appeal. Its proximity to the water, for example, provides recreation, business, and military institutions that are well known throughout the country and the world. , the U.S. Coast Guard, and the sub base are just a few examples of area landmarks with a long postcard history dating back over 100 years.  

The featured postcard is rare. It shows the famous German merchant submarine Deutschland visiting New London in November 1916. The Deutschland was a cargo carrier initially, later converted for warfare in 1917. It made two visits to the U.S. The first was to Baltimore; the second, to New London. On its departure from New London harbor, the Deutschland accidentally rammed and sank a tugboat in New London Harbor, killing five men on the tug. It had to be repaired before setting out for Germany. Paul Konig, the famous captain of the ship, is on the left side of the postcard.


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