New London Tube: Wall To Wall Progress

Troy Zaushny gives an update on his contribution to the New London Mural Walk

Head down Eugene O'Neill Drive and you'll be treated to a little more progress each day by the artists working on three murals there. Hygienic Art is giving some additional updates by uploading brief interviews with the painters on their YouTube channel.

The is funded by $126,000 from the Department of Economic and Community Development. Its goal is to enhance public spaces by bringing “mural-based public art into downtown spaces throughout the state of Connecticut.” So far, one of the four murals has been completed: the 40-foot trompe l’oeil on the side of the .

In this video, Troy Zaushny explains his work on the mural on the side of . Zaushny, a resident artist at Hygienic Art, is putting together an underwater seascape. With the aid of a scissor lift, a trio of divers in old-timey suits and the ocean around them are gradually becoming more detailed.

"This is definitely the crunch. We're down to about two or three weeks," says Zaushny.

For more information on Zaushny, check out his website.

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