New London Tube: Rivergods Holiday Show

Band covers a song by The Reducers during year-end tradition

I was a bit bummed to miss the annual year-end show by The Rivergods this year and even more so when I discovered the weather had bumped the performance up to a time when I might have caught it.

In this video, the band keeps up their tradition of closing out the year with a concert. Although the show has been held on New Year's Eve in recent years, it was pushed up a little bit this year with a scheduled date of last Saturday at Bean and Leaf. Concerns over the snow and road conditions delayed it until Sunday. Here, the group covers "My Problem" by another well-known local band, The Reducers.

According to their website, The Rivergods are a roots-rock-Americana band based in New London and have been around since 1997. Albums include Capsule from 2000 and Time Has Come from 2003. Their most recent album, Signs, was released in April of 2011. The band members are Ben and Nancy Parent on guitar, vocals, and pedal steel; Mike Palazzolo on bass and "karma;" Trevor "T$" Chandonnait on drums; and Dan Spano on Hammond organ and piano.

The show also included an opening act by The Meadows Brothers, which consists of siblings Ian and Dustin Meadows. The Chester-based duo has a similar style to The Rivergods with a specialty in folk, Americana, and alternative country.

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