{Kid} independent Gives 'Crayons In A Box' A Rave Review

The publication says the title track from Steve Elci & Friends' new album is "really something special"


If you haven't purchased your copy of we're not really sure what you're waiting for. 

Online, international publication {Kid} independent loves the children's album--their rave review of "Crayons in a Box" says it all:

"The title track is really something special… in fact, it made the finals of the John Lennon International Songwriting Contest! 

Steve Elci and Friends have a sound that is a little bit folksy, a little bit bluesy, and a little bit rock n roll. This is an album that is filled with catchy hooks and stealthy educational tid-bits which (pardon the cliche) 'make learning fun!'…"

As for {Kid} independent's favorite tracks from the album, the review names:

"'Zoo' for its storytelling quality; 'Earth Day' for its nature-loving theme; 'Supergirl' which celebrates gender equality; and 'Movies With Our Mind' because reading is rad!"

Be sure to check out , held at the . 


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