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Rock for Rails attempts to gain support for bringing Shoreline East trains to New London on a regular basis.

The Rock for Rails rally was held at the Parade Plaza on May 13 in an attempt to raise awareness and gain support for increasing the service of the Shoreline East trains.  Currently trains only run twice a day during the week day at 5:30 a.m. and p.m. There has been a push to not only get trains on the weekend but increased regular service as well.

Proponents say that bringing these trains to New London on a regular basis would help the city’s economy by making it easier for out-of-towners to get here. Also, it would provide a cheaper mode of public transport for New Londoners going towards New Haven and New York City.

Rocking for rails were John Fries and the Heat and the Paul Brocket Roadshow.  Also making an appearance was Mayor Marty Olsen, who voiced his concern for the lack of train service to New London.

Attendees of the event signed a petition and took pictures holding up signs saying “Weekend  Trains Now” in front of a Shoreline East banner. The pictures will be made into postcards that will be sent out to government officials such as Governor Malloy.  If you did not get a chance to sign the petition at Rock for Rails they are still going around town and you can find them at some of your favorite shops.


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