Photo Gallery: Friendship Church's Harvest Party

An alternative to trick or treating

When Halloween falls on a week day, the trick-or-treat pasttime can certainly be tricky when coordinating school, work and party plans with costume preparation and mapping out a safe route that guarantees the biggest haul of candy.

In fact, the inconvenience of weekday trick-or-treating is what prompted Rep. Tim Larson, a Democrat who represents East Hartford and South Windsor, to propose that the holiday should become a floating holdiay and should be designated to be , whether or not that day happens to be Oct. 31.

But, the has been throwing an annual harvest party that appears to be a compromise. The party takes place on Oct. 31 but the event encourages kids and adults to wear costumes, play games, and collect all the candy they can carry. The party had stacks of cookies and sandwiches, and bowls of chips and candy. And, each game had a bucket-full of the best candy, which could be stashed away for later.


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