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Connecticut College video shows students taking a tour of downtown sites

With three colleges within the city, student visitors to downtown New London are not an unusual sight. In this video, Connecticut College takes freshmen into the city as part of their orientation.

The video has been up for just over three years (these freshmen are graduating this coming spring) and a few changes between then and now are already apparent. So, for any prospective students taking a look at this video:

  • Peacock Feathers no longer has a store, although another boutique has moved in to take its place: CONNFetti. You can still find Peacock Feathers goods in the New London Antiques Center.
  • Bean and Leaf has moved to a new location on Bank Street. The old location featured in the video is still a coffee shop, though: the Washington Street Coffee House. If you need a good read with your cup of coffee in the latter site, the Monte Cristo Bookshop recently opened next door.
  • Passion House Coffee House has also closed. Kelly's on Bank, a breakfast and lunch place, has moved in.

Many other businesses featured here are still around, including Flavours of Life, Hygienic Art, Jasmine Thai and Sushi Bar, Northern Indian Restaurant, and Sarge's Comics. And you can still catch Above/Below playing in downtown venues.

Conn College also started having incoming students head into the city for community service projects this year. For our own guide for college students, check out this article.

What places in town would you recommend for college students? Let us know in the comments.

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Keep it real December 28, 2012 at 02:45 AM
Seems like many kids from Conn go to Dunkin Donuts but I would rather see them go to a downtown establishment like Little Sisters and some of the local coffee shops.
Keep it real December 28, 2012 at 02:48 AM
I would also like to see a more regular presence at the public spaces such as The Parade and The Waterfront Park. Unfortunately there seems to be deterrents that are driving the thousands of students that we have, away from some downtown spaces.
Carolyn Johnson December 28, 2012 at 05:12 PM
Keep it real: Keep your eyes out for voluteer recruitment/rally events coming in early 2013-- and check out the New London Main Street website: www.newlondonmainstreet.org (sign up for Main Street's weekly e-blast of downtown events & news)-- there are many ongoing & new projects planned to try to drive more college students (and other NL and area residents!) to downtown/local businesses... and more ideas are always needed! Sounds like you have an appreciation of our little downtown-- and there are lots of ways to share your ideas and enthusiam ! Please come and let your voice be heard!


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