New London Tube: Hurricane Sandy Waves At The Wall

Water laps at protective seawall during early part of Oct. 22 storm

Most of the New London uploads to YouTube in recent weeks have been video of the effects of Hurricane Sandy as it passed through the region. I think the most impressive one might well be a resident who captured the moment when the sustained winds snapped a towering pine tree in her yard and sent it crashing down on her shed. Unfortunately, I can't feature it here since it includes a brief barrage of profanity at the end (you can see it here if you don't mind a little language).

This video also does a good job of capturing the power of the storm, however. It was taken at "The Wall," the protective seawall built along Pequot Ave. after the Hurricane of 1938 devastated New London and other coastal New England communities. It looks like it was shot early on in the storm while curious residents check out the higher-than-usual surf. At its height, the waves were reportedly crashing over the wall and depositing sand and debris on the road, but New London still fared well given the predictions of a massive storm surge.

You can also catch a final glimpse of the Osprey Beach Club pavilion and bathhouses, the structure built out over the water. As the shot pans over the vista, this building is visible at about the halfway mark. Along with two neighboring bathhouses, the pavilion was destroyed in the storm.

Do you have photos or videos from Hurricane Sandy? Add them to the storm gallery, or share them in the Pics & Clips section.

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