New London Tube: Flurries Of Activity

New London avoided the worst of the weekend's storm, but a few weather videos still popped up online

The few people I encountered on Saturday when I were better prepared than me: they had umbrellas. As predictions of the early winter nor'easter began to warn of significant snow accumulation, the afternoon's rain gradually picked up more and more fat snowflakes. Of course, as soon as I went out for a walkabout to play shutterbug it slackened back into rain.

I think a one-day soak in miserable weather is well worth the ultimate payoff: we caught only the edge of the storm, leaving us with few disruptions as opposed to hundreds of thousands in the state once again losing power with memories of Irene still fresh. It even helped .

We still got enough of visible snow layer for some people to post videos on YouTube, although they're pretty rare. One shows a group of girls driving to our city though what is apparently a different wintry blast from the tempest that came to be dubbed Winter Storm Alfred. They say they're on the way to the premiere of , which took place a couple of days before the nor'easter on Oct. 27.

This week's selection is a rather beautiful little first person perspective of someone taking a brief stroll in the flurries "near New London, CT." It was uploaded on the day of the storm by SmithCoveSailor, who has uploaded numerous short videos of wanderings around the Northeast. I think the song, an instrumental version of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" by Patricia Spero according to the description, fits quite well. It may be a little early for Christmas songs, but it's a good reminder that a) snow isn't all that bad and b) maybe it's a good time to start your shopping.

The one thing that's bugging me: I can't recognize where this video took place. It looks like it's a residential area with a small park on the street corner. Do you recognize the location?


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