New London Tube: Coast Guard Academy Does "Gangnam Style"

Cadets take on Korean pop hit by Psy

Objee and the cadets are having some fun again.

This week's video pick is the Coast Guard Academy contribution to the parodies and remakes of "Gangnam Style," the catchy tune from Korean rapper Psy. The song, which pokes fun at a wealthy South Korean neighborhood, has become a viral hit with about 1.2 billion hits on the official video.

The Coast Guard Academy version features the school's mascot - last seen escaping the Merchant Marine Academy - in a prominent role. It also incorporates the dance moves or musical skills of quite a few cadets as they perform at the docks, in campus buildings, and on the football field.

The service academies were involved in something of an unofficial contest over who could make the best Gangnam Style video, with YouTube channel Military Newsmagazine Videos taking submissions. The other four service academies have their own take on the song, and you can check out West Point, the Naval Academy, the Merchant Marine Academy, and the Air Force Academy. West Point's has been the most successful, garnering about 1.4 million views from its original upload.

Unfortunately for the Coast Guard, the channels chose their rivals in the Merchant Marine Academy as the winning entry. Of course, there's also the fact that the Coast Guard wasn't considered in this contest. Their entry may have been a little too late, as the other academies had their videos post in October while the Coast Guard didn't go up until November.

However, the academy did have a less choreographed version available much earlier. This video, posted in September, shows a first year cadet dancing to Gangnam Style in a hallway as people walk past. The person who uploaded it assures viewers that it was part of a "morale week" and he didn't get put through the wringer for it.

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--Robert January 25, 2013 at 04:21 AM
This is great! Looks like they had entirely too much fun making that video. Great job!


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