New London Tube: 7th Regiment Open House

Drum and bugle corps turns 10 years old this year

In addition to an active band at the New London High School, New London is home to a drum and bugle corps that turns 10 years old this year.

The 7th Regiment is a junior organization open to anyone under the age of 22. According to its website, the regiment is a nonprofit organization founded in 2002 to provide an educational program in music and performing arts while "developing leadership, character & life skills in its members to enable them to reach their full potential."

In this video, the 7th Regiment does a warmup and the color guard practices drop spins with flags, counting off to 100. This was done at the gym at Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School during a Nov. 18 open house.

The regiment will be led by Tim Rall for the 2013 year, with Jim O'Neil as assistant director and a small design team. It gets rolling around this time, as winter and spring camps begin practicing for a full summer season. The price tag can add up - $25 for registration, $25 for audtion, $20 per camp, and $1,200 to cover associated costs such as equipment and uniform each year - but sponsorships and fundraising aim to reduce the burden on the individual.

The 7th Regiment has two more open houses - in New Bedford, Mass. and Wethersfield - before kicking off the new season with an audition camp on the weekend of Dec. 14. This and all subsequent camps will take place at Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School. For more information on joining the corps or its future activities, visit their website.

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