New London Named A "City On The Rise"

SmarterTravel.com includes city on list of nation's revitalization communities

A travel website has named New London one of the 10 cities in the country representing “America’s Best Cities on the Rise.”

The list was published on Aug. 31 by the website SmarterTravel.com, a website providing travel resources including news, discounts, and advice. The list of “up-and-coming” cities recognizes communities that have placed a strong focus on revitalization efforts.

“Some of the country's most interesting, exceptional cities offer more than meets the eye,” the compilation declares. “We’re talking exciting destinations where communities have rallied around local arts districts and developing downtowns, or historical meccas (big and small) where contemporary updates have revitalized old attractions.”

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The entry on New London recognizes the city’s historical connections to Benedict Arnold, Nathan Hale, and Eugene O’Neill. It also recognizes efforts such as the Parade Plaza renovation and the work of . The article highlights the plaza’s seasonal skating rink as well as the new restaurants and .

"It is such a nice piece along with special mention and recognition to New London Main Street," said Linda English, interim director of the organization.

New London is the third smallest city on the list. Eunice, La., and Salida, Colo., are smaller in both size and population.

The other cities recognized on the list are Brooklyn, N.Y.; Oakland, Calif.; Seattle, Wash.; Independence, Mo.; Philadelphia, Pa.; Topeka, Kan.; and Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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Spencer September 11, 2012 at 02:08 PM
Ahhh Michael---you have such a positive influence on life here in the City--don't you. Hey--if this article brings people of influence into this City--who may be looking for a good start up place--maybe--just maybe--that could be a start in the right direction--don't u think?
Daniella Ruiz September 12, 2012 at 02:16 PM
yes, it is a homey type of place indeed! share and share alike! notoriety has worked as an attraction for other places, despite the downside, after all, getting bodies (live bodies) into this area to fleece them of their cash is the primary thrust.
Daniella Ruiz September 12, 2012 at 02:37 PM
hey, if the city can afford a cool synthetic ice rink, perhaps they would spring for a cool tethered dirigible emblazoned with twinkling lights, 2kw audio for soothing music or garish murals with plea's for the curious to read. let it float about as high as the Gold Star Bridge to let the people whizzing past, crane their heads to see whats going on. it would even get the attention of those richy folks who stop here only long enough to board the ferry boats and go on. maybe a business will rent out some drones that you can fly around and look at the area from a different point of view, could make it a nationwide franchise. rent time for say, a drone over Dallas that you fly by wire from a control panel on your home Xbox. perhaps a subscription by the minute/hour. what happened to all those RC fanatics with sailboats, planes, helos and cars. i do agree about the murals, they are a far cry above the screaming desolation that you see when you're drunk, depressed and constantly looking downward. spence---- as for people of influence, they abound here, they litter the streets, every day of the week!
Ken September 12, 2012 at 03:11 PM
I thought Dirk wrote an article about a website listing NL as one of America's best cities on the rise. I did not read anything about NL having arrived at the promised land. The article is about potential. NL always has had lots of potential. It is on the coast with a major rail-line and Interstate running through it. It is no more than an hour from a major airport. Providence, Hartford, Boston and NYC are all easy day trips from NL. The school system has a long and rich tradition of excellence in athletics. Why hasn't it been able to translate into the academic domain the knowledge of how to achieve that excellence? NL has the Harvard-Yale Regatta (oldest intercollegiate sporting event in the US), Ft Trumbull, Conn College, & the CGA. Why hasn't it been able to ,ore successfully leverage any of those things in marketing to the both the tourist and real estate sectors? So, the real question is why hasn't NL realized its potential, yet? Maybe some of that potential is beginning to be noticed. If NL is the sun, then it isn't even 4am, yet.
Daniella Ruiz September 13, 2012 at 12:42 PM
Ken-potential indeed! small events could skyrocket this area again into the lime light of elegance (forget about the Lighthouise Inn, please!) the regatta theme could offer a weekend fair opportunity. with the new pier as a location, the local oars people at Conn Coll, USCG, Yale, Harvard etc could display their technology, team or other athletic content. it could offer a basepoint for spinning off of some greasy spoon carts, trinket salespeople, t-shirt vendors, souveniers or even some college recruiting. Old Lyme has a few classy schools with a framework of student rowers, they might participate if they dare set foot in the city. while football, basketball and other easily televised events make profitable headliners, these niche sports derive much attention from the elite and intelligent sector of the schools, and that may bring those 'people of influence' back to this city. they may shun New London as a core city with a welfare taxbase even then, but perhaps they may find a few star performers here yet. all the Lyme investment folks clamoring for extension of local commuter rail were more than happy to use the citizens as tools to gain signatures for their petitions, maybe they can invest some of their zeal to truly commute a new life into the city as well.


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