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eBay Tuesday: Recipes Courtesy Of Feldman's Grocery

Former Montauk Ave. store offered this cookbook with recipes from the McCormick Company

Last month the regular Saturday feature Fill The Spot asked for your ideas for the now-vacant storefront at 453 Montauk Ave. This week's eBay pick highlights one business that used to be there.

The 1924 cookbook is being offered by user starsinaction. Simply entitled "Selected Recipes That Keep The Family Happy," the book was given out compliments of L. Feldman. His business, selling "Fruits, Groceries, etc." was located at 453 Montauk Ave. This location has typically been the site of such stores, featuring the Montauk Marketplace, Handi-Mart Grocery, and Dagwood's Kansas City BBQ in more recent years.

The title of the book may have been a little assumptive, depending on how picky your family was at the dinner table. Sure, one of the sample pages offers goodies such as marshmallow frosting and cupcakes. Another tells you how to make the somewhat suspicious sounding "mackeral souffle."

No doubt the reason the book was complimentary was that it was a promotional one, essentially acting as an advertisement for the McCormick Company. Descriptions of the company's products are interspersed among the recipes, and the back cover proudly portrays the company's factory in Baltimore and a number of "Bee Brand" and "Banquet Brand" products.

The McCormick Company started up in Baltimore in 1889, with the Bee Brand as one of the original trademarks among the root beer, syrups, and other products sold by Willoughby M. McCormick. The Banquet Brand came onto the scene in 1902 after the company started selling spices and mustard, while Bee Brand Tea joined the line in 1905. The company is still around today, specializing in herbs and spices and holding ownership of Zatarain's and Simply Asia products.

The soft cover cookbook is five inches by eight inches and contains 30 pages. It is in good condition aside from some minor wear and tear and discoloration. The starting bid is $28.75, with free shipping. The auction ends at 7:38 a.m. on Wednesday.

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